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What Is The First Step To Hospice?

What Is The First Step To Hospice?

The first step to hospice care is usually a referral from the patient’s physician or healthcare provider. The physician will assess the patient’s medical condition and determine whether they meet the eligibility criteria for hospice care.

To be eligible for hospice care, a patient must have a terminal illness or condition with a life expectancy of six months or less if the illness runs its usual course. The patient must also be willing to forgo curative treatments and focus on comfort and symptom management.

Once the patient has been referred to hospice, a hospice provider will evaluate the patient’s individual needs and goals and develop a care plan that meets those needs. This may involve meeting with the patient and their family to discuss their preferences and objectives, conducting a physical assessment, and coordinating with their healthcare providers.

The hospice team will provide ongoing support and care to the patient and their family throughout the hospice care process, helping to ensure that the patient is as comfortable and peaceful as possible during this difficult time.