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Does Dementia Kill You?

Does Dementia Kill You

Dementia is defined as fatal brain failure which leads to death. Many people think of dementia as a memory disorder associated with old age. That is true in the early stages, but it goes much further than that. As the disease progresses, it leads to complete brain failure, resulting in death. It is not simply a mental ailment, as many people often perceive it.

The stages of dementia can vary between people and the different types of dementia, but it is considered a slow-progressing disease. Many patients with dementia will live for several years, sometimes even longer than a decade, after first being diagnosed. The progression of the disease may be slow, but, unfortunately, there is no cure, and the disease will lead to death in the final stages.

How Does Dementia Kill You?

Dementia is an umbrella term that covers many progressive brain diseases, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and vascular dementia, among others. Patients of these diseases often exhibit different symptoms in the early stages of the specific disease they were diagnosed with, but most symptoms are the same during the late stages.

It’s a common misconception that dementia doesn’t kill the patient, but significant health events while suffering from dementia are the cause.

While it’s not uncommon for major health issues to be associated with dementia, most patients die from the disease itself. That is why many experts recommend palliative care for patients in the end-stage of dementia. Rather than utilizing aggressive treatments for health problems caused by dementia, which cause additional distress and discomfort while rarely extending lifespan, they recommend keeping the patient comfortable and improving the quality of life.

Here you can see the actual signs to look for in the end stages of dementia.

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