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How Will Alzheimer’s Affect The Future?

Will Alzheimer’s Affect The Future

Alzheimer’s is a rapidly growing epidemic for the whole world. The disease has three main elements;

  • It is genetically complex
  • It is slowly progressive
  • It is an irreversible neurodegenerative disease of the brain

Which are comprised of 7 stages.

There has been continuous progress in the research of Alzheimer’s but the challenges are yet to be resolved. Alzheimer’s poses a burden to families, caregivers, and societies all over the world.  The future is marked by the fear of increased cases of Alzheimer’s. According to the Alzheimer’s Association in America, by 2050, there will be a million aging people developing Alzheimer’s annually.

The number seems so overwhelming for a disease whose cause is yet to be established.

Alzheimer’s will affect approaches to diagnostics and therapy taken by preventive and public health medicine. There will be more methodological advanced research that will propagate the use of sophisticated biomarkers and clinical practice will focus more on patient-centered care.

The future will also see advances in early detection, therapy and comprehensive Alzheimer’s disease care.

Unfortunately, the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s is old age with most Alzheimer’s patients being in their late 60s and above. People will always be aging and in the future, the aging population will be higher than it is.

Alzheimer’s is not just causing human suffering but it is also creating an enormous strain on the healthcare system, families and federal budget. The future needs a more concerted and collaborative effort in research in the whole world. For the sake of the future, a cause and a cure for the condition must be discovered.