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What is the Most Common Cause of Death in Parkinson’s Patients?

common cause of death in parkinsons patients

Although having Parkinson’s disease does not necessarily imply a shorter life span, some complications related to the illness can be fatal.

For example, a person can die from injuries caused by a fall, trouble swallowing, or problems caused by dementia.

The Risk of Falls

The risk of falling increases dramatically in Parkinson’s disease stage 3 due to loss of balance and potentially decreased reflexes. In addition, serious falls can cause blood clots from immobility, infections, heart failure, and other risks.

Difficulty Swallowing

Because some Parkinson’s patients have difficulty swallowing, foods can be inhaled into the lungs. Unfortunately, this can result in fatal aspiration pneumonia as the person with Parkinson’s may not be able to cough out the food they inhaled.