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How Do You Care For Someone With Dementia At Home?

Caring for someone with dementia at home

How Do You Care For Someone With Dementia At Home?

There are 7 stages of dementia that makeup four main categories. As the disease progresses, the symptoms change from each stage, and the amount of support needed will increase. Caring for someone with dementia will depend on which stage of the disease they are in. A loved one with dementia will need support in the home as the disease gets worse.

In order for you to provide the best care possible for someone with dementia at home, it will be important for you to understand the disease fully. You may want to spend some time educating yourself on the disease, the signs, and the symptoms in order to better prepare yourself and so you know what to expect. Since dementia is simply a blanket term for several types of progressive brain diseases, you will first need to know what type of dementia your loved one is suffering from, as the symptoms and type of care needed will vary.

Caring for Someone With Dementia at Home

Dementia is much more than just memory loss. All types of dementia cause brain failure. Our brains control everything we do, so when parts of the brain begin to fail, it affects much more than just our memory. From mobility issues to behavioral changes, the symptoms can vary widely. The symptoms depend on the areas of the brain that are affected by the disease.

Tips for reducing confusion in people with dementia include:

  • Have familiar objects and people around. Family photo albums can be useful.
  • Keep lights on at night.
  • Use reminders, notes, lists of routine tasks, or directions for daily activities.
  • Stick to a simple activity schedule.
  • Talk about current events.

As the disease progresses, the patient will eventually need assistance with most or all activities of daily living. This tends to require round-the-clock care that isn’t always possible for one person to provide. During the late stages of dementia, you may want to consider hiring a home caregiver to provide assistance with care.