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Will Social Security Pay For A Caregiver?

Social Security Pay For Caregiver

If you are caring for a parent or loved one, you could be eligible to receive Social Security benefits as their primary caregiver. Social Security benefits, though, can’t be used to pay for a caregiver that you hire, it would simply be a way to help support you financially should you take on the responsibilities as a caregiver.

Caring for an elderly spouse, parent, or friend can often cut into your time, decreasing your availability to work as many hours. There are often other expenses for medical supplies, living expenses, and additional costs that can make it challenging to stay afloat financially. If that is the case, you can apply for Social Security benefits to help substitute your income and cover some of the costs of providing home care for your loved one.

Qualifying for Social Security as a Caregiver

As the spouse or family member caring for a loved one who is seriously ill, you can apply for Social Security benefits to help cover the costs involved with being his or her caregiver. Eligibility depends on several factors, such as financial need, state of residence, income, and assets. Some applicants may only qualify for benefits from one program, while those in serious financial need may be eligible for SSI and SSDI.

You may also qualify for benefits if your spouse is suffering from a severe medical condition such as:

  • ALS
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Cancer

If you’ve applied for Social Security benefits as a caregiver and been denied, you may want to look into other state-funded programs that pay spouses as caregivers. State programs may also assist in paying for part or all of the home care should you hire through an agency. In Kansas, you may be eligible for Self Directed Attendant Care (SDAC) benefits as the caregiver of a loved one. Depending on the circumstances, you may also be eligible for Medicare assistance to cover home care services.

Every State Has Different Rules For Being A Caregiver For A Family Member

You will have to look up all the different rules for caregiving for your state. It is a process of paperwork and research that can take anywhere from usually 1-3 months, in some cases a year.

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