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What Should I Do with My Grandma?

What Should I Do with My Grandma?

Memories with our grandparents are something we will cherish till the end of our lives. So make a list of activities you can do with Grandma to make your time with her truly memorable.

· Read to Your Grandmother

Reading is an excellent activity with grandma because it allows you to spend time with her while also keeping her brain active and engaged. Reading can also improve your grandma’s memory, postpone cognitive decline, and reduce stress.

Also, buy your grandmother an audiobook and encourage her to listen to it.

· Learn a New Language Together

It is never too late to learn a new language, so consider signing up for an online language course with your grandma. Research shows that learning a new language can be a great way to keep the brain active and prevent cognitive decline.

Therefore, learning a new language can be more than just a fun pastime with grandma; it can also be a beneficial mental activity.

· Take Part in Her Hobbies

Many older adults participate in various hobbies that keep them engaged and entertained. Show an interest in your grandmother’s hobbies and ask that she teach you some of the skills she has mastered.

If your grandmother enjoys knitting or crocheting, for example, ask her to teach you these skills.