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What are the Common Complaints of Patients at Home?

What are the Common Complaints of Patients at Home

Many seniors receive care from paid caregivers, resulting in various complaints when receiving care at home.

Some of the most common complaints of patients at home involve:

  • Unreliable caregivers
  • Poor communication with a caregiver
  • Confusion in communication due to having more than a one caregiver
  • Inconsistent quality of care
  • Caregivers with a lack of caregiving training
  • Caregivers who are not punctual or flexible
  • Unaccommodating caregivers
  • Language barriers

Home care involves many aspects, from medication management and personal care to transportation and household chores.

Dementia and other chronic health conditions can make caring for the elderly at home very challenging. If you decide to be a caregiver for an aging family member, it is important to understand that caregiving can be demanding and stressful at times.