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What Are The 7 Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease

what is Alzheimers disease

Since it is a progressive disease, Alzheimer’s develops slowly, and the symptoms are worsening gradually.  It passes through seven different stages, outlined below.

  • Stage 1: No Impairment – This is the stage prior to diagnosis in which an individual has no memory impairment with no evident symptoms of dementia. During this stage, one cannot detect Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Stage 2: Very Mild Cognitive Decline – This is the stage in which the person begins to experience the typical forgetfulness
  • Stage 3: Mild Cognitive Decline – A bit stronger than the previous stage, this one includes increased forgetfulness as well as difficulties with focus or concentration
  • Stage 4: Moderate Cognitive Decline – In this stage, the disorder enters early-stage dementia and is clinically described as such. A person here experiences increased forgetfulness, often forgetting recent events and finding it hard to concentrate and focus. The stage can last up to two years.
  • Stage 5: Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline – Most memory deficiencies are present in this stage, and people in it may require assistance with daily activities or main functions (bathing, dressing, and preparing meals). This is where mild-stage dementia kicks in, usually lasting for one to one and a half years.
  • Stage 6: Severe Cognitive Decline – This is a stage known as ‘Middle Dementia’, which lasts an average of about two and a half years and marks a period during which a person requires substantial assistance to carry out daily tasks and activities. Most people have limited memory of their earlier lives and have difficulty completing tasks or exhibiting cognitive skills.
  • Stage 7: Very Severe Cognitive Disease – This is the final and late stage of dementia in which Alzheimer’s disease reaches the final stage in its progression. The person requires full assistance with most of their activities, including toileting, eating, dressing, bathing, and other tasks.

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