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How do You deal with a Difficult Elderly Mother?

Difficult Elderly Mother

No matter how unsettling your mother’s new behavior issues may be, always keep in mind that her anger and aggressive behavior come from feelings of confusion and discomfort. Don’t judge or try to discipline your elderly mother with dementia or depression for her behavior.

Aging adults with dementia typically struggle with a loss of control over their emotions, memory, and essential life functions, which may cause severe behavior changes.

If you understand what causes your mother’s anger and aggression, it will be easier to manage those triggers and prevent aggressive eruptions.

To deal with a difficult elderly mother, follow the next few guidelines.

  • When possible, avoid situations that trigger anger and aggression
  • Don’t reason or argue with your aggressive or angry mother
  • Never use force or try to control your mother during angry outbursts and meltdowns physically
  • Always use a friendly and calm tone when talking to your difficult elderly mother
  • Communicate softly but directly
  • Step back when she becomes agitated or aggressive
  • Provide care in a relaxed manner
  • Be reassuring and supportive
  • Find someone to take over when you feel overwhelmed
  • Never leave your mother unattended during temper tantrums and angry outburst