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How Do I Prepare My Home for Hospice?

How Do I Prepare My Home for Hospice?

Hospice tries to make patients as comfortable as possible by easing their pain and meeting their other physical needs.

Many people opt for hospice to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or maintain their independence for as long as possible. Also, many individuals choose to spend their final days at home, surrounded by their family and friends.

There are some steps you must take to ensure safe and high-quality hospice care at home:

Inquire with your hospice care provider to verify that hospice matches your requirements.
Find a spot in your house for a patient and medical equipment (a hospital bed, a wheelchair, oxygen devices, etc.) to make the patient, caregiver, and hospice workers more comfortable.
Give the patient privacy by giving hospice care in a separate room or by putting up bed curtains.
Take measures to ensure safety at home, e.g., install nightlights in all rooms and remove tripping and slipping hazards such as stools, mats, and rugs.
Organize and manage the patient’s medications.

Also, if you are a caregiver, ask the hospice care team to assist you with respite care.

Respite care involves giving caregivers a short break while the person they are caring for is cared for by someone else.

For example, your terminally ill loved one may be able to stay at an approved hospice facility, allowing you to take a break and relax for an afternoon, a day, or a couple of days. Medicare will fund respite care for up to five days if you require respite care.