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How Do I know if I’m Close to Death?

How Do I know if I'm Close to Death?

When you have a terminal illness, there are probably a lot of questions about what to expect or how to know that you are close to the end of life.

It might be difficult to tell when we are approaching the end of life, though, because every person is different. Still, terminally ill people may feel increasingly tired and weak in the last few weeks or days. They may be less able to do things they did before, such as eating or taking care of their hygiene.

They might sleep more, feel confused, or be agitated. Also, a person approaching the end of life may fall in and out of consciousness, eat and drink less, or have bladder and bowel problems. In addition, some people may have cold hands and feet, feel cold or hot, experience increased pain, and talk and communicate less.

Because of their familiarity with hospice care and end-of-life issues, the members of your hospice team can provide comfort and help you understand what’s happening.