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How Traumatic Brain Injuries Affect Seniors

Traumatic Brain Injury

When the brain is injured due to a blow to the head, it is diagnosed as a traumatic brain injury or TBI. While this can happen to anyone at any age, elderly adults are the most likely group to get such injuries. The leading cause of TBI in seniors is due to falling accidents where they hit their head. Recovery from a TBI is a long and challenging process, and during that time, elderly adults are often unable to care for themselves.

When family members are faced with providing care for an elderly loved one that is struggling with a traumatic brain injury, home care services assistants can provide consistent, professional aid.

What a Traumatic Brain Injury Does to the Elderly

A traumatic brain injury can range from mild to severe, with numerous health effects. For mild injuries, seniors experience headaches, lack of focus, memory issues, mood swings and some physical impairment. More serious injuries can lead to serious physical impairment, abnormal speech and communication, reduced cognition, emotional issues and loss of body functions. In some cases, a TBI can result in a vegetative or comatose state. No matter how serious, a TBI has a dramatic impact on an elderly person’s ability to live independently and take care of their daily needs.

When it comes to recovering from traumatic brain injury, the degree of recovery varies on an individual basis. The early stages of recovery usually require a person to go through all kinds of physical therapy and occupational therapy. The recovery process can range from six months to two years or more. The more severe the injury is, the less likely the elderly adult will fully recover. Family members should work closely with their loved one’s doctors to arrange for the appropriate in-home care services assistance.

How Home Care Services Assistants Help Seniors With a TBI

Family members want to help their elderly loved ones as much as they can, but other duties and responsibilities usually prevent them from providing the part-time or full-time care needed. Hiring a home care services assistant is an excellent way for an elderly adult recovering from a TBI to live safety and comfortably in their own home. A professionally trained home care assistant can do all the things the senior can no longer do or that are risky for their recovery.

A professional home care assistant can cook, clean, and run errands for the elderly adult. If they need it, the home care aide can help with bathing or showering, dressing, hygiene and grooming. When it comes to helping with recovery, the assistant can drive the elderly person to medical or therapy appointments. Also, they can spend quality time with the elderly person, providing companionship and encouraging them to stay involved in life.

A home care services assistant satisfies everyone’s needs when it comes to an elderly person recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Family members know that their loved one is in good hands, and the recovering senior has all their personal care needs attended to by someone with experience and compassion. When it comes to traumatic brain injuries, seniors and their family members should look to home care assistance to help with the physical, emotional and mental challenges ahead.


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