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Does Medicaid Pay For Family Caregivers?

Medicaid Pay For A Caregiver

Eligibility for Medicaid differs by state and there are different requirements and options available. Once approved for Medicaid, it is usually possible – with most states – to use the benefits to pay a family member as a caregiver. While most states will allow you to use Medicaid to pay a family member as a caregiver, all but 12 states don’t allow spouses and legal guardians to be paid by Medicaid for caregiver services. They do, however, allow adult children and former spouses to be paid.

In Kansas, you can apply for the Agency with Choice (AWC) program which would allow you to choose which home care service you want or who you would like to hire. Essentially giving you the freedom to hire whomever you choose, although pay rates may be restricted to specific guidelines.

Using Medicaid to Pay a Family Caregiver

If you are providing home care for a parent or loved one and would like to receive payments from Medicaid as his or her preferred caregiver, you can do so by going through the following steps:

  • Individual needing care would apply for Medicaid.
  • Once approved, they then sign-up for a specific Medicaid program that pays for home care and allows for “Consumer Direction”. Consumer Direction means the beneficiary can select their care providers rather than have Medicaid choose providers on their behalf.
  • The beneficiary can then hire their family member as a personal caregiver.
  • The family member/caregiver submits timesheets to and is paid by Medicaid or indirectly by a legally responsible 3rd party service.

The funds that cover Medicaid benefits come from both the federal government as well as the state. As such, the rules for governing Medicaid come from both sources, although the federal government allows the state a lot of flexibility. It’s important, therefore, to check with your state’s Medicaid regulations, qualifications, and benefits for more information.

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