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Can You Be On Hospice For Years?

Can You Be On Hospice For Years?

Hospice care is typically provided to patients who have a life expectancy of six months or less, as determined by a physician. However, some patients with chronic or life-limiting conditions may receive hospice care for more extended periods of time.

Hospice care is intended to provide comfort, support, and symptom management to patients approaching the end of life. The focus of hospice care is on improving the patient’s quality of life rather than treating the underlying condition.

If a patient’s condition stabilizes or improves while receiving hospice care, their hospice team may reevaluate their eligibility for hospice care. If the patient’s condition improves to the point where they no longer meet the criteria for hospice care, their hospice care may be discontinued.

However, if a patient’s condition continues to decline and they remain eligible for hospice care, they may continue to receive hospice care for an extended period, potentially even for years. The duration of hospice care will depend on the patient’s individual needs and circumstances and the course of their illness.