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Can Alzheimer’s Patients Live At Home?

Alzheimer's Patients Living at Home

Can Alzheimer’s Patients Live At Home?

Living at home is possible for an Alzheimer’s patient because Alzheimer’s disease tends to progress slowly during the early to mid-stages of the disease – it can also be more beneficial for them to live at home. A home environment will feel safe and familiar to the person suffering from Alzheimer’s. Suddenly uprooting a patient to have them live with family members or moving them to an elderly care home can prove far more distressing.

The biggest challenges and concerns of living alone with Alzheimer’s is safety and dealing with the stigma and loneliness that the disease brings. Friends and caregivers can reduce the risk by making their home as dementia-friendly as possible and ensure that their loved one gets as much social interaction as possible.

Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient at Home

A person living with Alzheimer’s has a right to live on their own if they choose to but as the disease continues to progress, it begins to impact more than just memory. The patient may no longer be able to live without around the clock care due to the conditions of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s can significantly affect cognitive functions including a sense of awareness, balance, behavior, bodily functions and other systems. As the disease progresses the patient will likely begin to need dedicated care if they choose to remain living at home. While elderly care centers may be a better option in the late stages of Alzheimer’s, it is recommended that the patient remains at home for as long as possible. With the help of on-site home care, an Alzheimer’s patient can often remain at home for many years.