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Can Alzheimer’s Be Reversed?

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Can Alzheimer’s Be Reversed?

There have been recent developments that suggest that there is a possibility of reversing the memory loss that occurs in Alzheimer’s disease.  This is with the help of drugs which selectively block the ability of the HDAC2 enzyme to interfere with the communication between brain cells.

There is a binding molecule known as SP3 which binds to HDAC2 and when this molecule is blocked, they can both be stopped from disrupting synaptic function or the communication between brain cells important for memory.

HDAC2 affects memory by altering the proteins that help to package DNA into chromatin and HDAC2 particularly blocks some genes important for memory. There are higher levels of HDAC2 in Alzheimer’s patients.

So the targeting enzyme will work by selectively blocking the HDAC2 enzyme and the molecule sp3 to reverse any memory loss from Alzheimer’s.

There have also been studies into a treatment known as metabolic enhancement for neuro-degeneration or MEND. This treatment is based on 36 different factors including diet, exercise, sleeping habits, drugs, vitamins and brain stimulation therapy. This treatment shows promise in reversing memory loss from Alzheimer’s.

In another study by Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute, clinical trials on mice have found that gradually depleting an enzyme known as BACE1 completely reverses the formation of amyloid plaques in the brains of the mice with Alzheimer’s. Hopefully, drugs targeting this enzyme will be able to successfully treat Alzheimer’s in humans as well.

It is indeed true that the memory loss from Alzheimer’s may be reversed. The future looks bright for the development of a cure.

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