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Can Alzheimer’s Go Away?

Can Alzheimer’s Go Away

The biggest misconceptions that people have about Alzheimer’s is that is simply just aging and that it is untreatable. These misconceptions have prevented families of people with Alzheimer’s from getting the best diagnosis and care. By debunking the myths, you will discover that although old age if the single biggest risk for Alzheimer’s, the disease is not a normal part of aging.

Alzheimer’s is incurable but treatable.  At the moment, there are four FDA-approved medications that are available for treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Many more medications are in clinical trials. There are also strategies to enhance general brain and mental wellbeing to help people with Alzheimer’s. It is no wonder that early detection and diagnosis is important.

The American population is rapidly increasing and by 2050, the Alzheimer’s Association estimates that there will be 1 million new cases every year. Hopefully by 2050, a cure for Alzheimer’s will have been discovered by scientists so that Alzheimer’s can finally go away.

There Is No Known Cure Yet For Alzheimer’s

But in the meantime, Alzheimer’s cannot go away. The health of the patient deteriorates progressively. The medications may help to mitigate the symptoms but the patient will eventually succumb to the condition.

The memory loss will become very severe to a point that they forget even how to breathe and eventually pass away.

By saying that Alzheimer’s cannot go away means that everyone will be interested in taking preventive steps to prevent or delay the onset of the disease but unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for prevention at the moment.