How You Can Promote Better Fall Prevention at Home for Seniors


Because of age-related issues, mobility constraints, or chronic illness, the risk of falls can be higher for senior citizens aging at home. Injuries from falls can last a lifetime and negatively affect independence and comfort at home. Home health care services like our senior care in Kansas can create a safer environment for your elderly loved ones at home. Families can also reduce the risk of falls and promote fall prevention by:

Creating Adequate Space Around Furniture

Cramped living areas are one of the most common causes of falls for senior citizens. They could easily catch their foot on a piece of furniture and trip if there is not enough space to move around. Address this issue by getting rid of unnecessary furniture and ensuring that there is a lot of space between furniture to move around freely.

Addressing Loose Wires and Cables

Another common falling hazard at home that increases the risk of falls is loose wires and cables, for example, charging cables. Keep plugged phones and appliances close to the outlets to prevent tripping hazards.

Addressing Hoarding Practices

Hoarding can create cramped living areas and falling hazards. Promote better freedom of motion by giving away or selling things your loved ones no longer need or use.

Nurses and home health care providers can help promote fall prevention at home by addressing age-related issues and chronic conditions that cause limited mobility. Fall prevention is also essential in home hospice to help keep the patient comfortable and independent.

We can help care for your loved ones at home, keeping them safe, healthy, and comfortable. At Progressive Home Health & Hospice, we provide physical therapy, wound care, and home health in Wichita, Kansas. For inquiries, call us at 316-691-5050.

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