Hospice Care for End Stage Heart Disease.

a friendly nurse with stethoscope

ASK Dorothy RN Your Hospice & Home Health Nurse

Jackson Family Asks: Our mom has been sick with heart disease for many years. Over the last year we have had many Emergency room visits and Hospital visits. My mom is tired and says she doesn’t want to go back to the hospital. Our physician has not suggested hospice. What should we do?

Dorothy RN: As a sick heart progresses through the disease process, it can be challenging. Your physician could order Home Health services where we send you a Nurse to help manage the medication, teach proper diet choices and assist in managing the disease process. If your physician orders we can even give IV medication right in the comfort of your home to help relieve fluid overload. Ultimately, Hospice care will be needed and your physician can request a hospice consult to determine if the client meets criteria for hospice. A free consultation and assessment is the way to go.

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