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Can a family ask the physician for hospice or home health...

Jones Family: My mom has been sick for many years with a respiratory condition. It’s very difficult for her to leave her home without assistance. Our physician has not suggested home health or hospice. Is it appropriate for us as a family to...

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Social Work with Hospice

When a patient is admitted to hospice care, a team of professionals are involved in the care including physicians, nurses, personal care aides, spiritual support and social workers. The social worker role is very important in assisting the whole...

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How often do Hospice nurses visit

When a patient is under hospice care the nurses will visit the home to assess physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient, including manage any negative symptoms like pain and anxiety. The nurses will normally visits 2-3 times per week...

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Can our family choose the hospice or home health we want...

Benson Family: My dad has been in the hospital for a week following a knee surgery. Today the social worker suggested Home Health services including a Nurse to help teach dad his new medications, a physical Therapist to exercise his leg and an...

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Hospice Care for End Stage Heart Disease.

ASK Dorothy RN Your Hospice & Home Health Nurse Jackson Family Asks: Our mom has been sick with heart disease for many years. Over the last year we have had many Emergency room visits and Hospital visits. My mom is tired and says she...

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