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Can Hospice Tell When Death Is Near?

Can Hospice Tell When Death Is Near?

Although every person is different, there are some common warning signals that death is on the way. Some signs of approaching death may include the following:

  • A person’s condition worsens, and pain increases.
  • Energy and strength decrease and most people spend their last days in bed.
  • A person may be in and out of consciousness, sometimes in a coma.
  • There may be a gradual decrease in interest in food and water.
  • Breathing may become irregular.
  • A person may seem agitated, confused, and delusional. They may see or hear things that other people don’t.
  • A person’s skin may turn cold, purple, and blotchy.
  • Hearing and vision may decrease.
  • A person’s interest in their surroundings may fade.
  • Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing slowly decrease.
  • There may be changes in bladder and bowel function (constipation, loss of bladder control, etc.).
  • A person may sleep longer and find it more difficult to wake up.