Bathing Tips to Consider for Your Senior

Bathing Tips to Consider for Your Senior

As seniors grapple with different changes in their lives, previously common activities may pose some difficulty. For example, taking a bath may have some movement and safety concerns compared to when the person was younger and have greater control of their physical abilities. Fortunately, reliable senior care in Kansas is available to support your loved ones.

With proper care and planning, every bathing experience can be refreshing, safe, and relaxing for your senior loved one. Here are some tips we deploy as your trusted provider of home health in Wichita, Kansas.

Let us start by gaining the elder’s confidence. Trust and rapport are important if we want their involvement. It is not easy to be accompanied in activities that are previously done solo. With trust, we are able to gain their acceptance.

Safety is another main item to ensure. The limited space and the presence of slippery floors are significant safety issues. Many options can be done to improve safety. Installing grab bars and improving visibility are among the common home fixes to deploy. A trusted care provider can also supervise and guide during transfers to enforce safety.

Bathroom products should be suitable for the elderly’s condition. Certain active ingredients can cause harsh reactions to their vulnerable skin and may irritate the eyes. Choose bathroom products that are gentle to avoid irritation or other discomforts

Learn more bathroom tips from Progressive Home Health & Hospice. Whenever you need home hospice, we are the team to call for. Have a good day!

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