At Progressive Home Health and Hospice, our priority is to put forth the highest quality of care from our skilled nurses, trained staff, and top-notch therapists. Take a look at what our clients and their families are saying about us.

“I would like to recommend Progressive because they have been in business for a long time and they care about the patients and they care about their employees.”

“…what I was so happy about, was that Fiona her nurse and the whole care team here, they helped her live. They helped her live and they helped her be more healthy and much happier for much, much longer than would have been otherwise and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.”

“…we have a lot of patients that come back to us, that we have for different reasons, and we get them back as repeat patients and they come back to us because they have been satisfied with their care and we develop a good rapport with them.”

“We take patients whether they’re infant, pediatric to geriatric. And what’s awesome about Progressive is we have a bridge program to hospice, so when that time comes our patients are moved to hospice and are able to pass in their home pain free, anxiety free, with loved ones surrounded by them.”

“I like to help patients achieve their goals, get back to their prior levels of functions, and help patients recover… The thing that is special about Progressive is that patients are the top priority and our team members work together to help them achieve their goals.”

“After my husband had his stroke…I had to get home health, which I decided to choose Progressive… I would recommend Progressive 100%.”

“…the nurse who came out to see her…would take her vitals and just visit with her. And that’s another thing I really appreciated because the people who came out to take care of her didn’t act like they were in a hurry to get somewhere else… they were always there and I could call them whenever I needed them.”

“What I find most special about Progressive Hospice is the people…everyone does such a wonderful job.”

“The big thing for me was, I knew I wasn’t in this alone. I knew that there was going to be somebody there to guide me, to coach me…there wasn’t any time that I couldn’t call them if I needed them.”