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Programs provide comprehensive care and a solution to complex care required by patients. Our goal is to control negative symptoms and maximize quality of life by providing assurance and lessening both fear and anxiety. We work with patients to control symptoms, improve self-care and at-home safety, and minimize ER visits and hospitalizations.

Pulmonary Care Program

Advanced lung disease like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension and any other lung disease causing reduced pulmonary efficiency present unique challenges.

Our Pulmonary Care Program includes therapy treatment with an emphasis on improved mobility and overall independent function. Therapy may include resistance exercise, electro-modalities and aerobic activities. Our interdisciplinary team works collaboratively with attending physicians and pulmonologists to provide vital support and the resources needed to ease stress associated with this chronic disease.

Diabetes & Nutrition

Our comprehensive home health Diabetes & Nutrition Program is carefully designed to enhance independence and long-term health. We work closely with each physician to create an individualized treatment plan that meets the patient’s goals as well as provide blood glucose and complication management for patients.

In addition, we can provide consultation with a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator. Our consultants work with our staff as well as patients and their families to understand meal planning for diabetes and other considerations, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Cardiac Special Care Program

Advanced end stage cardiac disease poses a set of challenges to patients and their families. Adequate psychosocial and physical support is very important to these patients who often suffer from social isolation due to the disease process. Our comprehensive home health CHF program is carefully designed to enhance independence and long-term health. It includes nutrition teaching on high protein diet, lifestyle modification, emergency plan, Tele Health and IV Bumex weekly if ordered. We work closely with each physician to create an individualized treatment plan that meets the patient’s goal to reduce ER visits and hospitalization.

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  • Regular Visits, Monitoring, Management and Treatment of Symptoms
  • Ongoing Education from a Skilled Nurse
  • Phone Calls
  • Wireless Tele-Monitoring as Ordered
  • Medication Compliance
  • Ongoing Disease Management
  • Assessment of Environmental and Safety Issues
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Modifications
  • PT/INR Machines for immediate INR results

For more information or questions about any of the services Progressive offers, please contact us.

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Our dedication is to assist patients with emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of their disease process in the choice of residence. Our belief that each individual is entitled and deserves human dignity; and our commitment to providing high quality care using knowledgeable, talented and motivated individuals.

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